My name is Jacek.
I am the owner and manager of Applied Leather Art, a 100% Australian, family leather craft business which was established by my late wife and I. We both worked together, enjoying our progress and always searching for improvement.
Both of us had worked with leather in Poland (a country with hundreds of years of leather craft tradition), before we moved to Australia.

In 1993 we made the decision to establish our Australian leather business, and in 1994 Applied Leather Art was officially registered.

From the beginning, our aim was to create strong, practical, and unique leather products.
Leather Art which we can be Applied to everyday life.

During the first two years of our business we experimented with different colours, types of leather, as well as staining and stitching techniques creating hundreds of designs. Only a few survived.

Finally, we decided to work with naturally-tanned cowhide for its strength, durability and flexibility. We use hand stitching with leather lacing, and apply a personally developed staining technique which gives our products a stylish and rustic appearance.

Each of our products is cut, stained, stitched and finished personally by me, allowing me total control over the final result.

Applied Leather Art products are incredibly unique and professional; they are made with the utmost care, to the highest quality, and will only look better with time.
With all the strength of cowhide leather, our Journal/Diary covers are built for the executive desk, or world adventures that need something tough. Our other products such as wall clocks, photo albums, photo frames or jewellery boxes will endure for years, enough to be passed from one generation to the next.

It will be a privilege to serve you, with hope that you will find some of my creations interesting enough to own them.


—Jacek Brecz

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